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Here you will find my artwork I have completed. As you can see I create whimsical, colorful and inspiring artwork. I have prints for sale and other items you can have my art put on. If you would li…

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Knobby Kneed Kranes-Chest

After looking over my blog…I realized I hadn’t included the pictures of the chest I painted for this collection…oooppppsss. So here it is! Let me know what you think…I painted all of the items with Deco-Art Americana acrylic paints, I have been using them for years and love the coverage.                                                                                        10-25-2012 408   10-25-2012 40710-25-2012 39910-25-2012 400 10-25-2012 398 10-25-2012 397

Knobby Kneed Kranes
Knobby Kneed Kranes

Reagan-Hand Painted Wooden Letters

DIY hand painted letters for a little girl's room

A friend of mine wanted me to make paint some letters for her daughters room. She wanted bright colors other than that I was left to make them however wanted.

This first picture is simply showing them without any paint. Here are the colors I decided to use. Again I must say that DecoArt Americana acrylics are my favorite paints to use. I have been using them for YEARS!  I simply use an old plastic plate for to pour my colors onto.  Oh don’t mind my mess…I see craft rooms posted on pinterest…and well I really believe those are just for show!

1-8-2014 001

1-8-2014 002 they are all painted…and I have decided to use a stencil in a swirl pattern to add a bit more interest.

1-8-2014 003

1-8-2014 004

I decided to use craft paper to add some little birds…some buttons and rhinestones. I also added a tulle bow to the letter “R”

1-8-2014 005

1-8-2014 007 Here they are all finished! Aren’t they adorable.

1-8-2014 023

1-8-2014 016

I painted these letters for a friend of mine.
I painted these letters for a friend of mine.

“Knobby Kneed Kranes” Small Wooden Box

The colors on this small box are glorious! Don’t you think. I have added a black and white checker board pattern to the inside of the box…for a bit more whimsy! 10-25-2012 352 10-25-2012 347 10-25-2012 348 10-25-2012 350

Another piece of my collection!
Another piece of my collection!

“Knobby Kneed Kranes” Barrel Stave

Here is a barrel stave I painted with the same whimsical theme.10-25-2012 413
10-25-2012 415

Hand painted whimsical decor.
Hand painted whimsical decor.