My Art

Here you will find my artwork I have completed. As you can see I create whimsical, colorful and inspiring artwork. I have prints for sale and other items you can have my art put on. If you would like to see the items I have in my Fine Art America shop Click on this link to be redirected to my profile page.Fine Art America <a href=”; style=”font: 10pt arial; text-decoration: underline;”>mixed media for sale</a>

Impressionist Flowers
From My Garden-Impressionist Flowers
impressionist flowers
Thinking of you-Impressionist Flowers
Whimsical bird, bird art, colorful bird art
Morning Bird
Whimsical blue bird
Noon Bird
Whimsical bird, whimsical red bird, whimsical art
Evening Bird
Paisley, paisley art, whimsical bird
Paisleys And A Green Bird
paisleys, whimsical bird, whimsical art, blue bird
Paisleys And A Blue Bird
Whimsical flowers, magenta flowers, water color flowers
Whimsical Magenta Flower
Whimsical flower, yellow flower, purple background
Whimsical Yellow Flower
whimsical flowers, orange flowers
Whimsical Orange Flower
Blue Flowers, whimsical flowers, watercolor flowers
Whimsical Blue Flower
Mixed media girl, mixed media art
Mixed media girl, mixed media art
MIxed media girl, mixed media art
Mixed media girls, best friends, journey
Destiny, Ella, and Serenity
whimsical mixed media girl, funny art
whimsical mixed media girl, whimsical art, funny sayings
whimsical mixed media girl, mixed media art, whimsical art
Outside the box
whimsical mixed media girl, funny art
alcohol markers on paper, butterfly art, colorful flowers
Spread your wings and fly
Whimsical flowers, textures flowers
Willingness To Change
whimsical art, whimsical flowers, whimsical garden, whimsical bird
A Bird In The Garden
Whimsical art, whimsical flowers, textured flowers, colorful art
Blooming Magic Hat
textured flowers, impressionist flowers, textured art
textured flowers, impressionist flowers
Dancing Garden
whimsical art, hot air balloon,
Have you ever been to a great place
Prints, cards, tote bags, bohemian artwork, 60's vibe art
Hippie Patchwork