UpCycled Bird Bath

For my feathered friends

For my feathered friends.
This has to be one of my all time favorite upcycled items.  Well, as I am typing this, I think I have upcycled so many things it’s hard to pick a favorite.  I found this old really heavy lamp at house sale. It had the tallest, ugliest lampshade, but I could see the potential! I brought it home and took out the wiring, had the metal tube that holds it together cut back down to size.  I needed it inside to hold the greek goddess to the base.  Now I simply needed a bowl of some sort to put the water in. So I searched in stash!  I couldn’t believe it..this is perfect! I didn’t really want to part with this bowl because it was in my china cabinet.  I purchased it at Ross a few years back and it came in handy for all sorts of parties. That’s okay, it just gives me another reason to go shopping.  Back to the bird bath.  The top of the lamp had a wide flower petal like shape, which I knew would work out great.  I simply mixed up some two part epoxy and attached the bowl. That was to easy!

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    1. Thank you so much Jackie! I would like to find more of these heavy lamps to make a collection of them. Different sizes and colors. Stop back often I plan on posting a lot more upcycles and showing behind the scenes work! I really appreciate your support! Also thank you for sharing my posts on Twitter..I really don’t know much about it, or how to reply to anyone there. i guess I simply need to take time out to teach myself more social media skills. I have accounts at so many, but I haven’t really mastered any of them. I just realized yesterday that I can make “PAGES” here on WP…LOL Have a wonderful weekend!!!

    1. Thank You Amanda Trought! I really need to find time to make some that I think would be interesting to publish on my site. I have made a few but I have so many problems with them you would probably laugh. I definitely need more experience!

    1. Thank you so much KitCatsdesigns. I recently purchased a few more lamps which I plan to upcycle. I will be posting a few pics of some other lamps I have upcycled into jewelry displays!! Thank you for your comment it’s always nice to hear from people!!

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