Master Bedroom Makeover On A Budget

A few months back I was feeling as though our master bedroom could use a makeover.  I wanted a BIG change on a LOW budget, let’s face it isn’t that what most of us want.  ( This was a draft…I had been working on.. in… believe it or not *2012*…OMG!!!   How time flies!  I think it’s almost time for another make over. LOL!)   A lot has been going on in my life, I won’t bore you with all of the details.  After all you came here for inspiration!  So let’s get to it.

These are the before pictures of our master bedroom. As you can see I already primed and painted the trim.  Then I thought…I better take some pictures to show you guys what I did. And thank goodness I did…because you would have missed out on everything!  So as you can see..the old walls were finished with an all over stencil, which of course I loved at the time…but it was time for a change!!!

So I went on a search for wallpaper, to match with the bedding, lamps and curtains I had purchased…you can see it in the pictures below, the jack o bean style fabric is the bedding.

I really liked the wallpaper in the first photo had a shimmer to it…and the design was made of tiny beads! Bling!  Of course I was drawn to that one!

The second photo shows the scroll design wallpaper, which matches really well with the bedding, but I wanted a bit more color.

I really loved the look of the matte finish flower silhouette on the shimmery background!  And it’s just enough to add a bit of color without fighting for attention with the bedding.

Okay back to reality….I said “Master Bedroom Makeover On A Budget”!  I think that was going to cost almost  $1000.00 just to do the large accent wall behind the bed!   YIKES!  So now I have to use my creative genius and come up with a paint technique I can be happy with that gives me somewhat the same result…but quickly because I already have the bedroom torn apart.8-20-2012 3818-20-2012 3808-20-2012 368

I went on a shopping spree to get accessories…I know I am putting the cart before the horse here, because I don’t even know what technique or color I am painting the accent wall at this point. I will call it my looking for inspiration shopping spree. And when I say “shopping spree”…I mean budget shopping at Big Lots..Dollar General..Ross…Wal Mart..and TJ Maxx! And in doing so…well guess what it worked…I decided how I wanted to paint the accent wall!!!!

You can see the chairs in this picture if you look really close at the first picture, in the right’s a light blue with a shimmery tan background…the other one doesn’t show up, but it’s a tan color on a lighter tan background.

Now some of these accessories, I punched up a bit with chippy paint..and used epoxy to adhere bases …you will see what I did in just a minute!  And some of them ..simply didn’t work in the room , so I returned them to the stores.

Back to work. Here you can see that I have primed the walls.

And added the brown looks like the color of a Hershey kiss (the color name is really molasses) on all walls with the exception of the accent wall behind the bed.  This is a blue color, sorry I can’t remember the name…it’s been too long ago!

You can see there in the last picture…I added the textured circles randomly to the wall!!!! They turned out AWESOME!! The pictures below show just how I did it.

I purchased a small stencil from Wal Mart…it had a tiny fleur de voir in the center, which I didn’t want…so I simply taped it off, with blue painters tape. I made a mixture of shimmery paint leftover from our dining room ceiling and drywall compound, some people call it spackling’s pretty much the same thing.  I applied it with a credit card..simply scrapping over the stencil.  I waited for this to dry which didn’t take very long, and applied the shimmery paint over the entire wall with a dry brush, to tone down the blue a bit and of course add a bit of glam. 5-18-2013 050

I wanted to show you the up close pictures of the accessories I fixed up a bit..these wall sconces, I purchased at Dollar General were black…so I simply painted right over them with white primer, with a really thick coat of paint.  The mosaic candle holders and the ceramic candle sticks were not really meant to go together, but I wanted some height. I purchased a shorter candle stick and a taller one.  These I simply glued together with a two part epoxy.  I love the curtain rods, I purchased at Ross….As I am writing this…I am laughing…I can’t believe this was almost 4 years ago that I purchased the items for this makeover…and I remember exactly where I purchased each item…but ask me what I did yesterday…and well…I couldn’t tell you!!!!

Are you ready!!!  Here’s how the room turned out!!!!  And all for under $1000.00…less than it would have cost to purchase wallpaper for the accent wall!!!!8-20-2012 4108-20-2012 406 I did eventually add more accessories…and light blue candles to the metal wall candle wall sconces I had painted white…But what do you think?  I know YOU LOVE IT!8-20-2012 408

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