My Etching Experiment

So I wanted to try my Skills at ETCHING. I ordered a bottle of “Pro-Etch” from Micro Mark, and followed the instructions on the bottle.398148_523663504340642_82172696_n
I wasn’t really sure what I was going to make, but I went right to it.
I chose a french letter stamp design…because…well that’s what I had on hand. I really need to get more stamps! I cleaned the metal and stamped on the design.

I cut the metal with Vintja metal shears. I attached my metal blanks (stamped side up) to packaging tape. I used 24 Gauge brass and copper. You may have to overlap the packing tape to make the strips wider. I also made sure the tape was long enough to attach to the side of the bowl, and that the pieces would rest in the solution with out touching the bottom of the bowl.
Waiting…checking… seemed to take forever…I like instant results…ha…that’s how I roll. Anyway…here they are…not bad for my first time! 398031_523663521007307_1180665604_n

I am going off of memory here…I think I rinsed them in a water and baking soda solution…and then pulled them off of the tape.


I think …I colored them with a black Sharpie…and used a polishing cloth to remove some of the marker…on one set but not the other.
528903_523663634340629_1957084506_n 320907_523663644340628_2013303100_n 65868_523663567673969_1593659855_n 317048_523663547673971_1170127079_n

The set on the left is polished…I don’t really like the look of them….they’re to shiny…But I fixed that later.

I them marked placement for the holes with a sharpie… and punched them out with a tool from Crafted Findings. The Long Reach Riveting System for 1/6″ semi-tublar rivets.

76929_523663651007294_425077105_n 21987_523663694340623_33522386_n

You can see the holes are NOT lined up perfectly, I need more practice. But you get the idea.

I then used the same AWESOME tool from Crafted Findings to add rivets.

265010_523663714340621_1319907337_n 23323_523663741007285_568359430_n

SO…onto the next exciting step….MAKING BRACELETS!


552851_523663881007271_1410130167_n 406168_523663921007267_938133318_n 397476_523663951007264_1205192511_n 184630_523663777673948_818445570_n 314173_523663937673932_1524397043_n 166557_523663767673949_1437040416_n

You can see here I did something a bit different to each blank. I even soldered a little hand stamped piece to the blank. Using all of my new skills on these bracelets!
I even tried stitching with wire! Added a few cold connection, using Tim Holz gears.

So Here are the FINISHED products!

314150_523664027673923_1915668245_n 252722_523664014340591_455615350_n

You can purchase this bracelet in my ETSY SHOP..

The bracelet on the yellow background is another one of these steam punk bracelets I made soon after the completion of the other two…just checking out my skills.

69693_523663977673928_1895658483_n 1-16-2013 124 10-30-2013 076

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